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Mission Statement
Maur Hill-Mount Academy is a Catholic, international, college preparatory school educating young men and women in the Benedictine tradition.

A leader amoung Catholic, college preparatory schools internationally.


Daily Announcements

The announcements are read morning and afternoon every school day. Most are read on at least two occasions. They are not guaranteed to have complete information about all events. The announcements posted online are not guaranteed to be up-to-date. They can also be found on the MH-MA app for iPhone and Android.

(8/3) Wednesday, August 19th - All Students 
(8/3) Tuesday, August 18th - House Initiation -12:50pm
(8/3) Tuesday, August 18th - New Students - 7:45am
(7/27) Saturday, August 15th - Pool Party - new date and time - 6:30-8:30pm
(7/27) Saturday, August 15th - 9:00am - 12:00pm - Registration Day

[5/15] Lunch today is free pizza in the Roost.
All those going on the Steubenville trip need to see Mr. Wachter before the end of the day today (Friday). 
[5/15] There will be a soccer meeting Monday after school in Mr. Patino’s room.
[5/15] Juniors, beginning next week, you may park where seniors typically park.
[5/13] Anyone interested in running Cross Country next year should contact Jack Siebert. (Dual sports may be available.)
[5/13] [Expired] Seniors, be sure that all of your textbooks are turned in to the library before you leave today (Wednesday). 
[5/13] [Expired] The baseball team will be leaving at the end of 6th hour today (Wednesday). Varsity game begins at 4:00 and JV follows. Softball is at 5:00 and is being played at Benedictine College. The suspended game will be completed and a second game will follow.
[5/12] [Expired] Softball practice today (Tuesday) has been moved up to 3:45 due to field availability. Academic assistance will take priority if you have it. Report to softball afterward.
[5/12] If you are a boarder and will not be back next year, meaning you are graduating or transferring to a different school, please don't forget to stop by Mr. Sinclair's room to provide an address to send your yearbook to. Yearbooks will arrive toward the end of July, and will be mailed out to the address you provide him.
[5/12] [Expired] The swimming team will leave class at the beginning of 5th hour today (Tuesday). 
[5/12] Congratulations to the Varsity and JV golf teams on their victories yesterday afternoon in the Maur Hill Mount Academy Quad invitational. Christian Wessel finished third, Canyon Miller finished fourth and Drew Harris finished fifth. Cole Harris won the JV tournament with a 49. Congratulations to all golfers on a successful season and good luck at Regionals next week.
[5/11] [Expired] Golfers will be leaving at the end of 6th hour today (Monday). The JV baseball team will play at 4:30 vs Atchison High but will not leave early from class.
[5/11] [Expired] There will be a meeting for next year’s football players at 7:30 am tomorrow morning (Tuesday) in the auditorium.
[5/7] Students needing summer service hours may obtain an application from the human resources office at the Atchison Hospital. Students must be 14 years of age and have transportation. The program will begin the first week of June.

[5/6] [Expired] There will be no school on Friday, May 8.
[5/6] [Expired] Tomorrow morning (Thursday) will be a late start! Enjoy the extra sleep.
[5/6] [Expired] St. George Members: Tomorrow (Thursday) is the day we are celebrating our feast day. If you paid your $4 for pizza and a jeans day (where you have to wear your St. George t-shirt!), we will be celebrating during lunch in the roost, so head that way as soon as lunch begins.
[5/6] [Expired] Those who are going to the Royals game today (Wednesday) will need to be on the bus by 4:15. Please remember that no food will be provided, so come prepared.
[5/5] [Expired] The golf team is leaving after 1st hour. We are hosting the MH-MA Invitational. The swim team will be leaving class at 1:45 this afternoon (Tuesday). The softball and baseball are rescheduled to Wednesday, May 13.

[5/5] [Expired] All students going on the Steubenville trip who did not see Mr. Wachter yesterday need to see him today (Tuesday).
[5/4] [Expired] The baseball team will be leaving at 2:00 today (Monday). The softball and track teams will leave at the end of 6th hour.
[5/4] If you are a junior and did not take your sleeping bag home with you from the retreat, please stop by the front office today.
[5/4] Congratulations to Emily Larkin for making it to the semi-finals in state forensics championships last weekend. 
[4/30] [Expired] Seniors: There will be a mandatory senior meeting during family time next Wednesday.
[4/30] [Expired] Juniors need to be at school at 9:00am tomorrow (Friday) for the Junior Retreat. This is a reminder that all Juniors need to bring a snack to share with everybody. - Mr. Wachter
[4/30] [Expired] There will be a house charity jeans day next Wednesday. You can wear jeans and an MH-MA shirt or a Royals shirt. (This is the same day as the Royals game for the winning house, St. Gabriel.) 
[4/30] [Expired] Benedictine points for the month of April must be DO NOT have to be turned in by the end of the day today (Thursday). Points will go towards next year.
[4/30] [Expired] Tomorrow (Friday) will be a mass day. Remember to wear your mass attire.
[4/30] [Expired] The varsity golf team will leave at the beginning of lunch today (Thursday). The track team and JV golf will leave at 1:45. The baseball team will leave at 2:00. Softball will leave at the end of 6th hour.
[4/30] [Expired] There will be dance tryouts next week from 7-8:30 on Wednesday and Thursday in the Flynn Center.
[4/29] [Expired] The dance team is having a recital this Sunday at 7 pm in the auditorium. Please come out and support us.
[4/28] [Expired] The swim team will be leaving at 1:45 today (Tuesday). The softball team will leave at 2:45. JV baseball plays at home today at 4:30 and will not have to get our before the end of school. 
[4/27] There is a jeans day on Wednesday, April 29th to raise awareness for osteogenesis imperfecta. **A donation of at least $1 is required for partipation.** *Only jeans and MH-MA shirts are allowed.* If you would like to participate or volunteer in the charity's Jackson Park run on Saturday, May 30, please sign up at the front office. For more information, see Riley Funk. 
[4/27] [Expired] Wednesday will be an end-of-day activity schedule.
[4/27] [Expired] Anyone who intends to donate blood on Wednesday must turn in their school permission slips tomorrow (Tuesday).
[4/27] [Expired] Members of St. George: We will be celebrating our feast day on May 7th. Please bring $4 to your family leaders or Mr. Sinclair by Tuesday, May 5th if you wish to participate in the jeans day that day and eating pizza in the Roost. 

[4/27] [Expired] There will be a boys' basketball meeting this Wednesday after school in Room 2 to talk about summer basketball.
[4/27] [Expired] The baseball team will be leaving at 1:50 today (Monday).
[4/24] [Expired] Hope to see you all at Maur Hill’s last Life Night of the year, this Sunday following the 5:00 Mass. The social will begin at 6:15 in the Roost, and pizza will be provided by Benedictine College. Bring a friend and see you there!
[4/23] [Expired] Tomorrow (Friday), we will be attending the premiere of the movie Little Boy in Kansas City. Please dress in your normal uniform tomorrow and bring a sack lunch. Check your school email for tomorrow’s schedule.
[4/22] The swim team will leave at 1:45 today (Wednesday).
[4/21] [Expired] The track team and the swim team will leave at 1:45 today (Tuesday). 
[4/21] Congratulations to the varsity golf team on their victory at Horton last night. Christian Wessel finished first, and Canyon Miller finished 11th. The two-man team also finished first and the four-man team finished second. 
[4/20] [Expired] The varsity golf team will leave at the end of 5th hour today (Monday); baseball will leave at 2:00, and softball will leave at the end of 6th hour.
[4/20] [Expired] The talent show will be this Wednesday at 2:00. Our schedule will be adjusted to accommodate the early start time. Check your email for the Raven Weekly to see Wednesday’s schedule.
[4/20] Spring sports and Alice in Wonderland posters are available for purchase in the front office. They cost $15 each or 2 for $25.
[4/20] [Expired] Tomorrow (Tuesday) is a pizza lunch. Remember to bring $6 for pizza if yours hasn't been pre-paid.
[4/17] [Expired] Congratulations to the House of St. Gabriel for winning the house competition. Students, please check your school email for information about getting tickets to an upcoming Royals game. Members of the Gabriel have first dibs on tickets, but anyone can sign up. SIGN UP ENDS TUESDAY APR 21.

[4/16] [Expired] If you’re taking the ACT on Saturday, you must be here by 7:40 am. You must have your admission ticket and a photo ID.
[4/16] [Expired] Tomorrow (Friday) is a mass day. Remember to wear your mass attire. 
[4/16] [Expired] Seniors: be at the school at 9:00am tomorrow (Friday) to load the bus for your Senior Retreat.
[4/16] [Expired] Benedictine points will be collected for the final time this year at lunchtime today (Thursday). If you have any Benedictine points, you need to turn them in before or during lunch. Any points turned in after lunchtime will go towards next year’s totals.
[4/16] Congratulations to Becca Butler and April Phan, winners in the High School Invitational Art Exhibit.
[4/14] [Expired] Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a late start. The end-of-day activity schedule for Thursday has been cancelled.
[4/14] There were some bracelets left at prom that can be claimed at the front office. 
[4/14] [Expired] Seniors: your final information sheets are due to Ms. McGinnis by tomorrow (Wednesday).
[4/14] Golfers, report to the study hall after school today (Tuesday) for a short meeting.
[4/13] [Expired] The boys basketball team will hand in their uniforms Thursday after school.
[4/13] [Expired] Track practice will be today (Monday) at 4:00 at here at MHMA.
[4/13] [Expired] Baseball and softball will be played today (Monday) in Atchison, not Pleasant Ridge. Baseball will be at 3:30 at MH-MA and softball will be at 4:00 at the sports complex.
[4/13] [Expired] Jeans day tickets for Thursday will be on sale all week during family.
[4/13] [Expired] Varsity golf will leave at the end of 3rd hour. JV golf will leave at the end of 5th. Baseball will be leaving at the end of 6th hour 2:00 and softball will leave at 2:45 the end of 6th hour. (Monday)
[4/13] Congratulations to the varsity golf team for finishing 2nd at Hiawatha. Christian Wessel finished 2nd. Congratulations and good luck today!
[4/9] [Expired] Attention students going on the Haverty Scholars trip tomorrow (Friday): if you haven’t already, be sure to bring your signed permission slip by tomorrow.
[4/9] [Expired] The baseball team will be leaving at 2:00 on Thursday. Softball and track leave at the end of 6th hour.
[4/9] [Expired] Tomorrow (Friday) is a mass day. Remember to wear your mass attire.
[4/8] [Expired] Sprinters, go to BC today right after school to practice with Coach Surrit. Middle distance and long distance runners, meet here at 4 pm.
[4/8] Juniors & Seniors: Prom tickets are on sale today through Friday in the cafeteria during lunch or in Mr. Sinclair's classroom. Ticket prices are $15 a piece or $24 per couple. Tickets will not be sold at the door the day of prom, so be sure to get them this week! 
[4/8] Anyone who is riding the senior bus and who hasn't paid yet, please get your money to Cole or Avery ASAP!
[4/8] [Expired] The students going on the field trip today will be dismissed at 9:50.
[4/8] [Expired] The remaining spring sports pictures will be taken today (Wednesday), beginning with golf at 3:30 in the gym. Softball will follow in the gym and swimmers will take their pictures at the Y at approximately 4:30. Please come by the office for picture forms.
[4/8] [Expired] Congratulations to the JV Golf Team on their second place finish last night at the Jeff West invitational. Joseph Kuckelman finished in fifth place and Nolan Dulac finished in seventh. Good Job Ravens.
[4/7] To All Participants in the Talent Show: There will be a rehearsal in school auditorium on Tuesday, April 14th at 3:30. All participants must be there or you won't participate on April 22! Be in costume if it's part of your act! You need to prepare before the 14th so that your act is ready! Any questions? See Christian, Aubrey, or Mr. Miller.

[4/7] [Expired] Today's baseball game has been tentatively rescheduled to April 15.
[4/7] [Expired] JV Golf will be dismissed at 1:40 today (Tuesday).
[4/7] Anyone who is bringing an out-of-school guest to prom and who has not already turned in an out-of-school date form must pick one up from the front office ASAP. 
[4/7] Anyone who is interested in summer volleyball can sign up in Ms. Matous’s classroom.
[4/7] [Expired] Attention St. Sebastian and St. George house members: We will be setting up for Prom at Elizabeth's on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday after school starting at 3:30. Please attend if you are able. For additional information, please talk to Mrs. Bishop or Mr. Sinclair. 
[4/1] [Expired] Tomorrow (Thursday) will be a retreat day. You may wear jeans, sweatpants, or shorts, but shorts must not be too short. No leggings or yoga pants are allowed. Any shirt is fine as long as it is not offensive, revealing, or tight.
[4/1] [Expired] Track practice will be at 4:30 today (Wednesday) at Atchison High.
[4/1] [Expired] Seniors: if you have not already turned in your document for senior ballots, please return them to Mr. Sinclair as soon as possible, but no later than the end of the day today (Wednesday). 
[3/31] If you do not have your demerit card with you, you will be assigned an automatic detention and given the next color card.
[3/31] [Expired] The due date for applications for the Rich Dickason Scholarship has been moved to Thursday.
[3/31] [Expired] Softball plays Riverside at the sports complex today at 4:00. The team is dismissed at 2:25. Softball players: when you are released after 7th hour, get changed and meet at the front of the school.
[3/31] [Expired] The baseball team plays at Perry at 4:00 with Varsity playing first, followed by JV. The team is dismissed at 1:30.
[3/31] [Expired] Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be a late start.
[3/30] [Expired] Remember that tomorrow (Tuesday) we will be using the end-of-day activity schedule.
[3/30] [Expired] Track practice today (Monday) will be at Atchison High at 4:30, NOT at BC.
[3/30] [Expired] Applications for the Rich Dickason Scholarship are due tomorrow (Tuesday).
[3/27] [Expired] Anyone who is planning on going on the junior party bus, please get your money to either Renz or Courtney by April 7.
[3/27] [Expired] Talent Show Auditions will be held at 3:30 in the Auditorium on Wednesday, April 1. Anyone wishing to participate will need to let your family leaders know by Monday. Family leaders, see Mr. Miller Monday afternoon with your list. Let's have a good turnout!
[3/26] [Expired] The varsity softball doubleheader vs Hiawatha for today has been postponed to April 16.

[3/26] [Expired] There will be a short girls basketball meeting after school today (Thursday).
[3/25] [Expired] Due to the weather, Roost Night has been moved to next Wednesday, April 1. It will still be Shaving Cream Wiffle Ball in the quad at 6:00.
[3/24] [Expired] Baseball and track will take sports pictures tomorrow (Wednesday) - baseball at 3:30 and track at 4:00. Coaches will hand out order forms today. Softball, swim, and golf will take theirs April 8.

[3/24] [Expired] There will be no golf practice today (Tuesday)!
[3/24] [Expired] Cheer tryouts will be at the Flynn Ctr the next 3 evenings at 6:00. The final tryout will be on Friday at 5:30 in the gym.
[3/24] [Expired] We will be having mass with the Archbishop tomorrow (Wednesday). We will be using a unique schedule. Check your email for details. WEAR YOUR MASS ATTIRE.
[3/24] [Expired] Congratulations to our baseball team for their sweep of West Platte yesterday to open the season! 
Our softball team will play at home vs. Hiawatha on Thursday at 4:00 at Atchison Sports Complex.
[3/24] [Expired] Forensics team: See Mr. Miller by Thursday for your entries for the tournament this Saturday at Atchison High.
[3/23] [Expired] Wednesday night is Roost Night! Shaving Cream Wiffle Ball in the quad from 6-7!
[3/23] [Expired] The baseball team will play West Platte at home today (Monday). The team will be dismissed at 2:00.
[3/23] [Expired] We will be having mass with the Archbishop on Wednesday this week.
[3/23] [Expired] Cheer tryouts are this week! To try out for cheer, you must attend all of this week’s practices, starting with practice tonight (Monday) in the gym from 6-8. The official tryouts will be on Friday at 5:30.
[3/12] [Expired] Juniors and seniors, please pick up after-prom forms from the front office. The forms are due back to the front office by Friday, March 27.

[3/10] [Expired] Students, this is the last chance for you to submit pictures from the Mother-Son/Father-Daughter Dances for the yearbook. Please have them submitted by Thursday to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
[3/9] [Expired] NHS members, check your email!
[3/9] [Expired] There will be a Forensics meet at Riverside on Saturday, March 14. Everyone see Mr. Miller for a MANDATORY meeting Tuesday afternoon.
[3/9] [Expired] Reminder to those students taking the AP tests: your money for the tests is due to Ms. McGinnis by Thursday.
[3/9] [Expired] Seniors: your senior salutes are due March 25th. Please remind your parents to get them submitted at their earliest convenience. 

[3/9] [Expired] Reminder to anyone who is wanting to signup for the April ACT: The deadline to do so is on Friday (3/13). This is the last ACT of the year in this area. Please see Ms. McGinnis if you have any questions.
[3/6] [Expired] There will be a boys golf meeting in the study hall at 3:45 on Tuesday. All boys interested in playing, please attend.
[3/5] [Expired] International Students: Ms. McGinnis has 1 spot remaining for the TOEFL test on March 27th. Please see her after school if you are interested in signing up.
[3/5] [Expired] There will be a meeting at 3:45 today (Thursday) in the study hall for any girls interested in joining the swim team.
[3/4] [Expired] Due to the success of the basketball season, we will NOT have baseball practice today (Wednesday), as was originally scheduled. The first baseball practice for those who are NOT playing basketball will be this Friday after school. If you have questions, please contact Coach Baniewicz.
[3/4] [Expired] Congratulations to our boys basketball team for beating Hiawatha last night and advancing to the sub-state semi-finals. They will play Nemaha Central at 6:00 Friday in Sabetha. There will be a pep bus leaving at 4:30.
[3/4] Mrs. Laurie has posted flyers around the school of Lost and Found Items. Please claim them. Unclaimed items will be taken to the thrift shop.
[3/3] [Expired] Jeans day ticket sales will begin on Thursday. The jeans day is next Wednesday.
[3/3] [Expired] There will be a girls basketball meeting in the locker room after school tomorrow (Wednesday).
[3/3] [Expired] Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a late start.
[3/2] [Expired] There will be a spring break trip meeting for this year’s trip to Italy/Greece Wednesday at 7:00pm in Mr. Wachter’s room. All those going on the trip must be at this meeting along with their parents.
[3/2] [Expired] If you are interested in being a family leader, your applications are due on March 12. Sophomores and juniors can apply.
[2/27] [Expired] Atchison Attackers is hosting a free self-defense class for high school girls only on Wednesday, March 18 in the Atchison High School Gym from 6-9 pm. Trooper Donnie Hughes will be teaching the class. For more information, contact Todd Dulac.

[2/27] [Expired] Please turn in Benedictine points for the month of February today (Friday).
[2/26] [Expired] Tomorrow (Friday) is a mass day. Mass attire is expected.
[2/25] [Expired] Congratulations to our girls and boys basketball teams for their victories over Pleasant Ridge last night. The boys wrapped up at least a share of the League title and the girls earned a 2nd place finish in the League.
[2/24] [Expired] Students: Tonight's the last home game for basketball, so make sure to come support our raven athletes!
[2/24] [Expired] Roost Night Wednesday night is Lip Sync Battle! Whether you can or can't sing, if you love music or performing this Roost Night is for you! It will be held in the auditorium from 7-8. 
[2/23] [Expired] Students: if you ordered a pep club t-shirt, come pick it up today (Monday) in Mr. Sinclair's room after school. 
[2/23] [Expired] Attention girls' basketball team: you are taking a team picture at 3:45 today (Monday). Make sure you go over to the gym after school to pick up your uniform in time to take the picture. 
[2/23] [Expired] Forensics: We will be going to Silver Lake on Saturday. Please see Mr. Miller as soon as possible to give him your event.
[2/23] [Expired] There will not be any workouts this week for Track and Field athletes since we begin practices next week. Track starts full time next week for those not in a winter sport. Also, there will be a mandatory meeting for all those interested in being part of the Track and Field team this Wednesday (2/25) after school in Mr. Patino's classroom.

[2/23] [Expired] All students going on the Steubenville trip need to stop by Mr. Wachter’s room after school today (Monday).
[2/23] [Expired] There will be no mass today (Monday).
[2/23] [Expired] There will be a meeting after school today (Monday) for anyone interested in trying out for the baseball team this year. It will take place in the auditorium beginning at 3:30. The meeting will be brief. If you have any questions, please talk to Mr. Baniewicz.
[2/23] Congratulations to John Jiang and Jerry Hao for winning the Youth of the Year Award from the Chinese Association of Iowa.
[2/23] [Expired] Are you interested in broadcasting? There will be a short meeting immediately after school today (Monday) in Mr. Sinclair's classroom for anyone that is considering helping with broadcasting for the 2015-2016 school year. Roles include videographer, producer, and announcer. If at all interested, be there!
[2/19] [Expired] The Scholars Bowl team will meet in the library at 11:30 tomorrow (Friday).
[2/19] [Expired] There will be no after-school track workout today (Thursday).
[2/19] [Expired] Students who are interested in taking an AP test this year need to see Ms. McGinnis before next Wednesday.
[2/19] Happy Chinese New Year to our Chinese students!

[2/19] Applications for house captains are available in the front office. They are due at 4:00 on February 25. If you already applied for the house captain position along with head boy or head girl, it is not necessary to reapply.
[2/19] [Expired] We will be on a normal schedule tomorrow (Friday). 
[2/19] [Expired] 
There will be no mass today (Thursday).
[2/17] [Expired] If you signed up for a cage crew shirt and haven’t paid yet, bring your money to Mr. Sinclair’s room by the end of the day today (Tuesday).
[2/17] NHS members need to check their email and get back to Ms. McGinnis as soon as possible.
[2/17] [Expired] There is pep bus to McLouth leaving at 5:30 tonight (Tuesday). $2 to ride; $3 admission to the game. Please sign up in advance at the front office.
[2/17] [Expired] Head boy and head girl applications are due by 4:00 today (Tuesday). If Mrs. King is not here, slide your application under her office door.
[2/17] Congratulations to the Scholars Bowl team for placing second at the state tournament. The team members were Chris Mulholland, Holly Newton, Ian Buhman-Wiggs, Alexander King, and Anne Hrenchir.
[2/17] [Expired] There will be no school tomorrow (Wednesday) because we are hosting a Forensics tournament here in the school building.

  • All forensics students: see Mr. Miller TODAY.
  • Student volunteers for forensics tournament: See Mr. Miller TODAY.

[2/17] [Expired] Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Remember this is a day of fasting (one regular meal and two small meals) and abstinence (no meat). See signs posted around the school for more info.
[2/12] Congratulations to Christopher Rziha for qualifying for State in Piano Performance!
[2/12] [Expired] Juniors, applications for next year’s head boy and head girl are due on when we return to school on Tuesday.
[2/12] [Expired] Students: come support our Raven basketball teams tomorrow (Friday) against Immaculata by sitting with cage crew! The plan is to have a "blackout" so wear your black shirts and get pumped up for a good time! The fun begins at 6:30pm. Mr. Sinclair says be there or be lame!
[2/12] [Expired] There will be a parent information meeting for the Spring Break trip in 2016 to Italy, France and Spain tonight (Thursday) at 6:00 in room 2. If you have any questions please see Coach Prestegard.
[2/12] [Expired] There will be no school tomorrow (Friday) or Monday.
[2/9] [Expired] Tomorrow (Tuesday) is a mass day. We will be having mass at the Mount to celebrate the Feast of St. Scholastica. Remember to wear your mass attire. **Please notify the front office if you want to be signed up for Tuesday's hot lunch (spaghetti) by the end of the day Monday**
[2/9] [Expired] Students: The student section at the basketball games known as the "cage crew" hasn't been the best this year. We have two home games left, so let's show everyone what our cage crew is all about! There will be a meeting today (Monday) after school in Mr. Sinclair's room to brainstorm ideas to get pumped up for the next home game this Friday, Feb. 13th! Be there!
[2/9] Congratulations to Emily Larkin for receiving a medal for her performance in poetry at the JCN forensics tournament on Saturday. Kudos to Ian Buhman-Wiggs and Delaney Elias for their efforts in improv duet acting and prose presentation. 
To all forensics team members: You will each be presenting at the MHMA tournament on Wednesday Feb 18. Have your event and piece selected and see Mr. Miller by Friday, Feb 13. 
[2/6] Congratulations to the Scholar’s Bowl team for winning their fourth regional tournament in a row. The members of last night’s team were Chris Mulholland, Holly Newton, Ian Buhman-Wiggs, Alexander King, and Anne Hrenchir.
[2/6] Students who are interested in the spring break trip in 2016, please go by Coach Prestegard’s classroom and get an information sheet about the meeting next week if you have not already received one.
[2/5] [Expired] Those students that are interested in going on the Spring Break Trip in 2016 to Italy, France and Spain please go by and see Coach Prestegard after school today (Thursday). It will only take a few seconds.
[2/5] After school work out in the Flynn Center will start at 3:45 if you are not visiting with a teacher. After you finish with your teacher then you can still come over and work out.
[2/5] [Expired] Juniors, applications for next year’s head boy and head girl are available in the front office. The applications are due on February 17.
[2/5] [Expired] Scholars Bowl will be excused at the end of 5th hour today (Thursday).
[2/5] [Expired] Tele Heart order forms can be picked up in the front office. They are due to Ms. McGinnis by Friday at 3:15. REMINDER: STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CREATE THEIR OWN TELE-HEARTS. ANY DECORATIONS THAT ARE NOT PURCHASED THROUGH NHS WILL BE REMOVED.
[2/5] [Expired] Tomorrow (Friday) will be a mass day. Remember to wear your mass attire.
[2/5] [Expired] Charity jeans day tickets for Monday will be on sale beginning today (Thursday) in the front office. 
[2/4] St. Sebastian is hosting the House Competition for the month of February. They are collecting dance and formal attire for Cinderella’s Closet. For every item that is brought in, you can earn points for your house. The House that donates the most items wins the house competition. The items for donation are dresses, suit jackets, nice men’s button up shirts, men’s slacks, heels, nice men’s shoes, ties, and jewelry.
• Collecting stops – Friday, February 27
• All are invited to the sale on Saturday, February 28 from 10-3
• Take your collected items to Mrs. Bishop in room 3

[2/4] [Expired] Congratulations to Dillon Kramer, who is going to sign a national letter to play football at Fort Scott today (Wednesday). The signing will take place in the gym right after school. His teammates and all other students are encouraged to attend.
[2/4] [Expired] All who plan on competing in the Forensics tournament at JCN this Saturday need to attend a mandatory meeting on Thursday after school in Mr. Miller's room.
[2/3] [Expired] Charity jeans day tickets will go on sale on Thursday during family time. 
[2/3] [Expired] Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) will be a late start.
[2/3] [Expired] Today (Tuesday) is St. Blaise Day. If you want your throat blessed, please come to the chapel after school.
[1/30] [Expired] Attention Mrs. Douglas' 7th hour English 3 class - the quiz that was scheduled for today has been moved to MONDAY.
[1/30] [Expired] All boys lockers in the new gym must be emptied so maintenance can clean and disinfect them, and all trash must be put in the dumpster.
[1/29] [Expired] Come out and support our wrestlers at the Final Flurry tournament held at Atchison High this Saturday, Jan 31 beginning at 8:30. Our team and coaches will appreciate the support.
[1/29] [Expired] In celebration of Catholic Schools Week, tomorrow (Friday) will be a free jeans day with house shirts.
[1/28] [Expired] Tomorrow (Thursday) is a mass day. Remember to wear your mass attire.
[1/28] Attention Forensics participants: Our first meet is with JCN a week from Saturday. Please see Mr. Miller by Friday to let him know what you plan to present at this meet! Go Ravens Forensics!
[1/27] [Expired] Tele-Heart order forms will be available from Ms. McGinnis starting tomorrow (Wednesday). All orders are due back by February 6 (next Friday).
[1/27] [Expired] Jostens will be here to deliver class rings for those who are ready for pickup on THURSDAY. This is a change from the originally scheduled day of Wednesday.
[1/26] [Expired] The Raven boys C team hosts Oskie tonight (Monday) at 6:00.
[1/26] Congratulations to the girls and boys basketball team for their success in the Imac Raider Classic. The girls went 3-0 to improve their record to 10-3 and Avery Lewman was named the MVP of the tournament. The boys went to 2-1 to bring their season record to 11-2.
[1/26] [Expired] There will be a Forensics meeting after school tomorrow (Tuesday) in Mr. Miller’s classroom.
[1/26] [Expired] Tuesday and Thursday are your opportunities to audition for the Raven Drum Corps. Auditions will be at 3:30 in Mr. Heron’s classroom in the Roost.
[1/26] [Expired] Reminder: NHS applications are due to Ms. McGinnis by Friday at 3:15pm. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
[1/26] [Expired] Roost night will be Wednesday night at 7. The event is karaoke! Each house needs at least one person or group to represent them in the competition. Sign up in Mr. Sinclair’s classroom.
[1/26] [Expired] Applications for next year’s head boy and head girl will be available to all juniors on Wednesday at the front office. They're due February 17.
[1/26] [Expired] There will be no mass during family time today (Monday).
[1/23] [Expired] There will be a mandatory softball meeting tomorrow (Friday) after school in Ms. Matous’ room. Be on time.
[1/22] [Expired] Tomorrow (Friday) will be a Mass Day! Mass attire is expected.

[1/22] [Expired] Seniors: don't forget to have your senior quotes and activities you've been involved in the last four years sent to Mr. Sinclair by Wednesday, Feb. 4th.
[1/22] [Expired] St. Sebastian members: Your $5 is due by the end of the day today (Thursday) if you want to partake in the feast day celebration tomorrow. Please get it to Mrs. Bishop, Addie, Cole S., Chris M., or Catherine C.. If you do not pay, you cannot eat with us. Also all Sebastian members are allowed to wear their house t-shirt and jeans tomorrow.
[1/21] [Expired] Roost night for this month will be karaoke! Come and sing with your friends or come watch and have a good time! It will take place next Wednesday, Jan. 28th from 7-9pm. This is also a house competition. To be eligible in the house competition, each house should have a person or group that represents the house. Each house can have multiple groups representing the house in the competition. To sign up for singing in the house competition, stop by Mr. Sinclair's classroom.
[1/21] [Expired] Sophomores: Remember that tomorrow (Thursday) is the Sophomore Retreat. You can wear jeans and an MH-MA t-shirt. Lunch will be provided. Be here in the chapel at 8:10.
[1/21] [Expired] There will be a spring break trip meeting after school today (Wednesday) in Mr. Wachter’s room for all those going to Italy and Greece.
[1/20] [Expired] The boys basketball sub sandwiches will be made available to you on the bus. You need to bring your own drink. The host team will also provide sandwiches after the game.

[1/20] Anyone interested in going on the Spring Break trip in 2016 (Italy, France and Spain) please go by and sign up in Coach Prestegard’s room.
[1/20] [Expired] Maur Hill - Mount Academy girls and boys play KC East Christian tonight (Tuesday) in the Raider Classic at Immaculata. We are the home team wearing white and the girls are scheduled for 7:00 and the boys at 8:30. The team bus will have the team loading at 4:40 and depart at 4:45. The cheer/pep bus will leave at 6:00.
[1/16] Anyone who would like to be part of the 2015 MHMA Forensics Team is invited to attend an organizational meeting on Tuesday, February January 20th, 3:15, in Mr. Miller's Room. According to Merriam Webster, forensics is the art or study or argumentative discourse. It's a chance for you to hone your public speaking skills by presenting prose, poems, current events, one-act plays, humorous stories, improvisational acting...presenting things like this to judges while competing against other teams in our league. It’s a great way to have fun and get to know a great group of students. We have a lot of fun! So join us. Our first meet is coming up next month. We're hosting a tournament here at MHMA on February 18th.
[1/15] [Expired] A pep bus to Troy will leave at 5:45 Friday from the front of the school. It will cost $2 to ride plus admission to the game ($2 or $3).
[1/15] [Expired] Come out and support the basketball teams tonight (Thursday) vs. Oskaloosa. The JV girls BOYS start at 4:30 in our gym. No JV girls game.
[1/15] [Expired] Students who are taking the BC or HCC classes, you need to get your forms to Ms. McGinnis no later than tomorrow morning (Friday) or you will be dropped from the class.
[1/12] [Expired] The Flynn Center will be open tonight from 7:15-8:15.
[1/12] [Expired] Tomorrow (Tuesday) is a Charity Jeans Day. Jeans day tickets will be on sale today during family time for $1. They will cost $2 tomorrow. Your outermost garment must be MH-MA clothing. No leggings. No sweatpants.

[1/12] Attention International Students: There are still spots available for the March and April TOEFL tests. Please see Ms. McGinnis for more information about signing up.
[1/12] [Expired] Any student who is taking College Literature or College Algebra and did not see Ms. McGinnis last Friday, you MUST do so today (Monday Jan 12) before you leave or you will be dropped from the course.
[1/12] [Expired] Any CURRENT junior Boy or Girl who is interested in attending Boys State or Girls State this summer, please see Ms. McGinnis this week for more information.
[1/9] [Expired] Seniors girls who are going to the Father Daughter Dance, please send 5-6 pictures of you with your dads to Allyson by Wednesday for the video.
[1/9] [Expired] Come support the basketball teams tonight (Friday) versus JCN starting with the JV girls at 4:30.
[1/8] [Expired] Tomorrow (Friday) is a mass day. Remember to wear your mass attire.
[1/8] Students: If you changed classes and still have the textbook, please return that book to the library ASAP. Thank you.
[1/8] [Expired] Charity jeans day tickets for next Tuesday are on sale today and Monday during family time and Friday during house. Tickets are $2 on next Tuesday.
[1/7] [Expired] Congratulations to our girls and boys basketball teams for their victories over McLouth. The girls' record is 5-1 and the boys are 6-0.

*We host JCN Friday with the JV girls at 4:30.
*Our freshman/sophomore girls and boys BB teams will be competing at Doniphan West this Saturday. Both teams start out at the D West Middle School (the former Midway High School) with the girls at 9:00 and the boys at 10:30. Girls play next at approximately 12:00 and the boys at around 1:30. Winners of game 1 will play at D West H.S. in Highland; losers of game 1 will play at the Middle School.

[1/7] [Expired] The deadline to sign up for the Steubenville Conference is next Wednesday, January 14th. To sign up, students must turn in a deposit of $40 to the office or Mr. Wachter. Students must sign up by next Wednesday to guarantee their spot on the trip. Please see Mr. Wachter for more information.


Announcements are posted by the MH-MA Office Manager.